KCSIE - Keeping children safe in education

KCSIE - Keeping children safe in education

The updated ‘keeping children safe in education’ guidelines published in September 2016 provides a number of improvements in relation to Internet filtering and monitoring requirements.

While the core Atom IT Internet management service offers a fully compliant filtering service we are now able to offer full compliance with the monitoring requirements of the new guidelines.

Our new services fully integrate with your school Office 365 platform which means you are able to read reports and act on alerts without ever needing to access external systems. Activation and setup of the Office 365 tool Power Bi, a visual dashboard reporting tool, will be set up as part of the service upgrade.

Monitoring against the KCSIE categories

Data dashboards give access to review and report on all Internet usage against any of the categories related to the new guidance. Data is collected on an individual user basis due to the integration of our Internet management service with your school Active Directory. This method means that any school user who triggers a website block can be identified by user account as well as IP address and timestamp. All sites visited that breach the blocked categories are also listed. The integration with Active Directory also means we can provide differentiated user level access for staff and pupils at the point of login to your network.


Our easy to read dashboards can be drilled into to show more details against each breach.


Monitoring searches

Our data dashboards also allow you to view all searches performed within school. The data displays the search terms as well as user details, timestamps and IP addresses. We also provide e-mail alerts against certain keyword searches from prevent strategy terms to profanity and bullying terms. All email alerts keywords can be edited and set by each individual school.

Alerts against KCSIE category breaches

Our monitoring systems also report via email when a category breach is reported. All email alerts can be sent to any number of email addresses provided by your school and provide a realtime alert showing user, IP address, category breached, URL attempted and a timestamp of the attempt.

How to check your current Internet provision is safe and compliant

If you do not use our service you may want to ensure that your current provider meets the new requirements. To ensure that your current Internet provider has done all they can to provide schools with a compliant and safe system you should invite them to complete the forms provided by the ‘UK Safer Internet Centre’ and return them to your safeguarding leader.