Forticlient VPN Setup Instructions

Forticlient VPN Setup Instructions

A VPN connection will allow you to connect to your school shared drives, print to school printers and use the web filtered internet service while away from school.

  • Select the version you require – all windows pc’s and laptops should use the top option:

  • Run the installation. It will take a little while to go through the ‘downloading image’ part of the install.
  • Accept the agreement and click Next
  • Make sure ‘Secure Remote Access’ is ticked

Click Next, Next and Install.

The Forticlient green shield should now appear on the taskbar at the bottom right of the screen

To create the VPN connection to your school:

  • Right click the Forticlient green shield.
  • Choose ‘Open Forticlient Console’.
  • Choose ‘Remote Access’ in the left menu and ‘Configure VPN’.
  • Fill in the details with your school name in the Connection Name field.
  • The ‘Remote Gateway’ field details can be obtained from your Atom IT support contact.
  • Click Apply and Close.

You will now be able to VPN to your school network using your VPN login details which can be obtained from your Atom IT support contact. Right clicking the Forticlient Green Shield will give you the option to connect and disconnect from your school as necessary.