School ICT Support Service

The perfect fit for all of your school ICT service needs

onsite support with servicedesk

Remote monitoring and support for all of your school devices alongside a choice of onsite support arrangements. All packages come with access to a fully staffed service desk 8am - 5pm Mon - Fri

UK safer internet integrated services

Class leading firewalls with cloud based filtering services to secure your staff, students and devices wherever they are

Children Running in the Hallway

pupil accounts built from your MIS

Students auto provisioned with local network, Office 365, Google and Apple accounts direct from your MIS. One username and password for all online services

iphone screen with icons on screen

Microsoft Education

From Teams classrooms to Minecraft EDU there is a wealth of educational resource to tap into. All solutions built cloud first to get you ready for the 21st century serverless school

Chromebook Support

Don't get stuck with multiple accounts for different IT lessons. Log into your Chromebooks with your Microsoft email addresses and access both Microsoft and Google services with a unified login

apple classroom

Apple Classroom

Manage your students use of your iPads within lessons. Lock access to single apps or push webpages to all iPads. Fully integrated with your Microsoft services and safe school filtering

Access to a host of school specific deals and services from our range of partners

DfE guidance support and project implementation

Cybersecurity accreditation and planning tools

Access to special education pricing from multiple partners

Password managers and IT Inventory tools

School Visitor and Attendance Systems

  • Inventry
  • Visitor management
  • Student attendance
  • Instant reports
  • Safeguarding compliance


CyberSecurity Planning and Testing

secure schools
  • Secure Schools
  • Cyber security planning
  • Phishing simulations
  • Staff training
  • School focussed solution

Secure schools

School MIS and Messaging Systems

  • Arbor MIS
  • Biggest cloud platform in UK
  • Student attendance and assessment
  • Student reports and messaging
  • MAT dashboards