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Is your Office 365 Backup Service Filling the Gaps

With data moving away from on-premise servers to cloud locations the question of backing up your files and emails needs re-visiting. Our office 365 backup service offers peace of mind but there a few things to bear in mind.

How Office 365 backs up your data

Office 365 has backup features that are age based. Files deleted from your OneDrive for instance are placed in a recycle bin for 30 days before being permanently deleted. Files held in sharepoint/teams locations can be restored up until 93 days. Items deleted from your mailbox can be restored within 14 days (this can be increased to 30 days). So the possibility of deleting the wrong files and being unable to retrieve them when needed is a real concern.

How Atom backup your 365 data

All customers of the Atom IT back up service have one Office 365 account backed up as part of the service. This includes the mailbox of the account as well as it’s onedrive and any sharepoint/teams locations that the account is a member of. Any sharepoint or teams locations that the main account is not a member of are not backed up outside of Office 365. No other onedrive accounts are backed up outside of Office 365.

office 365 backup

Adding additional mailboxes and OneDrives to cloud backup

We advise all senior staff members to opt into the cloud back up service. The charge is minimal but offers peace of mind when dealing with files that are infrequently worked on – files that you may not notice you have deleted until it’s too late. For other staff members you should try to store important files in sharepoint/teams locations that are backed up. All staff members can also opt into the cloud backup service too. To request additional accounts to be added to the cloud backup service please get in touch.

New customers of cloud backup service

If you currently do not back up any data held in Office 365 get in touch to talk through our options and price plans.

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